What do we use in our work

PBI uses focused application of proven Continuous Improvement (CI) methods to rapidly improve business performance. Our experts draw on their extensive experience when problem solving using Lean, Six Sigma, Scrum and other improvement techniques, underpinned by strong change management practices. We are happy to share with you many years of experience and various tools and techniques to improve your business.

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Kaizen Event

A Kaizen Event is a facilitated event which utilises an organisation’s in-house expertise in a very focused manner to aggressively work a specific problem or process, delivering results in a fast and sustainable manner.


Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

A VSM is a process which harnesses the knowledge of the team, the in-house process experts, to create an agreed picture of the process and the wastes and challenges that exist within it. Importantly, it also allows in a controlled, but engaging way, the opportunity for people to identify potential solutions to the issues identified.

Daily Huddle

A Daily Huddle is a short stand-up meeting with a structured agenda to facilitate improved communication, collaboration and coordination. It keeps teams focused, accountable and updated.


Campaign Room

A Campaign Room is a system by which team behaviour is influenced and aligned to key project or department goals. It consists of a 30-minute daily meeting which addresses all key issues and concerns aligned to the goals.


Lean Construction

Lean construction is the application of Lean Production techniques to the construction industry, a tried and tested approach which maximises value and minimises waste.


Project Charter

A Project Charter is a concise single page document used to frame and define an improvement opportunity. It describes and gives context to a specific problem impacting performance, and sets SMART objectives to improve the performance.

Lean Practitioner

Lean Practitioner is the development of internal Lean capability in your organisation. It entails a 3 day immersive training session in the application of Lean and practical tools and techniques for immediate use at the workplace.


Scrum is a framework for effective team collaboration, developed to be used on complex adaptive products, its often described as agile project management.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development delivered by our coaches builds the leadership capability to drive business strategy, accelerate outcomes and create a culture of high performance across organisations.

Workplace Organisation Using 5S

5S is a process for creating and maintaining an organized, clean, safe and high-performance workplace, a systematic method that enables identification of anomalies in an any environment.

7 Wastes

Wasteful activities can be defined as any activity not adding value to the product or service from the customer’s perspective. These Non-Value Adding (NVA) activities can be described in 7 (+1) categories. A good technique to identify wastes is to visit the workplace, observe the conditions, processes and activities, and engage with the workers.

Visual Management

Visual Management is a way to communicate expectations, performance, standards or warnings in a way that requires little or no prior training to interpret. It is the use of visual techniques that trigger a response or give a signal that no action is needed.


Kan-Ban is Japanese word that literally means ‘signal card.’ Initially created for manufacturing, it is a means of giving accurate production information to an upstream process. Workers at each step of the process are not allowed to do work unless signalled by a kanban from a downstream step.

Line Balancing

Line balancing concerns the redistribution of operators and/or machines to meet the customer driven Takt Time.

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