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Rig Reliability

Rig Reliability

$22.8 M increased production Revenue

Our client experienced delays to the drill rig schedule, resulting in additional cost and late production. Improvement ideas implemented under our coaching gave thousands of hours back to business, on time delivery of drilling and more efficient use of rig engineering time.

Rig accommodation refurbishment pull planning

Rig Accommodation Refurbishment Pull Planning

25% reduction in time

Our client required to update the living accommodation & facilities on their offshore asset to accommodate an increase in headcount for operational activities. whilst maintaining production. Through effective pull planning execution of work scope was reduced by 101 day, 25% improvement.

Well Review Workshop

Well Review Workshop

Actions to Increase & Maintain Production

To ensure opportunities for maintaining & increasing production & identify vulnerabilities our client holds annual well reviews, we established an inclusive collaborative method driving innovation & active engagement.

Cargo Oil Storage Tanks – Value Analysis

Cargo Oil Storage Tanks – Value Analysis

£9m per Crude Oil Tank reduction in cost

Our client oil field is serviced by an Floating Production Storage & Offloading Vessel. Working with the operator we designed an efficient & effective process for the maintenance & repair of the onboard storage tanks, cost reduction of £9M per Crude Oil Tank & production downtime reduced by 75%.

Owned Equipment Utilisation

Owned Equipment Utilisation

Cost Avoidance $7.7M

Our client had $5M worth of temporary power equipment which was owned & managed by different areas of the business, stored over several locations & managed out with the warehouse processes. Through applying 5S methodology during a Kaizen event we transformed management & control of equipment resulting in cost avoidance of $7.7 Million over a 5 year period.

Scaffolding Schedule Optimisation

Scaffolding Schedule Optimisation

Mobilisations for Scaffolding reduced by 30%

The clients offshore personnel identified there were challenges when it came to organising scaffold for maintenance work across all its assets. The changes designed & implemented by the offshore team created a safer environment & allowed for predictable, efficient maintenance activities.

Work Assignment Improvement For Multidiscipline Work Scopes

Work Assignment Improvement For Multidiscipline Work Scopes

Reduction of 50% in carry over work

Our client identified a lack of coordination among trade leads creating non productive time for each contractor discipline. We helped the client to improve planning & communication resulted in 5% higher productivity, 50% reduction in work carry over, removal of waiting time, adherence to schedule and reduction in overtime.

Offshore & Site Recruitment

Offshore & Site Recruitment

92% reduction in missed mobilisation dates

Our client has been contracted to install and commission a major offshore asset. The recruitment process was losing the client time, money & their reputation. Our team has helped the client to improve the process, satisfying their clients needs, improving revenue, reducing cost and manpower churn.

Winterisation Value Engineering Project

Winterisation Value Engineering Project

Winterization tasks reduced from 500 to 334 33% reduction

Our client’s plant is located where extreme winters are the norm. To ensure production stability a Winterisation preparation program is executed annually. Historically the client has been unable to complete the Winterisation program prior to the onset of winter. We helped our client to reduce number of winterisations tasks & the winterisation program was completed as planned.

Pit Stop – Haul Truck Utilisation Project

Pit Stop – Haul Truck Utilisation Project

$1,5M increase in production daily

Our client wanted to increase truck operating efficiency without compromising operator safety & to potentially enhance the work environment for the drivers. We increased truck utilisation increasing daily production by >$6M whilst also improving morale, health & wellbeing of drivers.

Virtual Team Collaboration using MURAL

Virtual Team Collaboration using MURAL

20+ training sessions delivered monthly

Early 2020 was an abrupt awakening for majority of businesses on the need to improve the connectivity between remote teams to get work done effectively. Practical Business Improvements is always ready to support customers in difficult times and provide assistance for business, this includes applying our experience and knowledge to solve business problems remotely.

Incident Investigation

Incident Investigation

1281 hrs back to the business

Our client experienced several repeat process, containment & personal safety incidents. We worked with the client on how incidents were investigated, the classification and finding real root cause, which resulted in a reduction of unsafe incidents & a return of hundreds of hours back to the business.

Gas Turbine – Off-Shore Construction Set-Up Reduction

Gas Turbine – Off-Shore Construction Set-Up Reduction

18,000 hrs across multiple trades executed in the time saved

Our client had to complete the installation & commissioning of a Gas Turbine(GT) offshore. The installation included non-standard activity due to the condition of the GT, the installation schedule was high risk, had no float. Working with the contractors we reduced the installation schedule by 30% & returning 2160 hours back to the business for executing other work.

Warehouse Reorganisation

Warehouse Reorganisation

$1M stock value reduction

Our client has had major challenges with their inventory, & inventory management, held at supplier sites. 5S workplace organisation events led to 85% reduction in space required to store materials, a reduction of $150K cost p.a. for supplier storage & cost avoidance of $470K.

Top Hat Value Analysis Kaizen

Top Hat Value Analysis Kaizen

£171K Saving

Our client was experiencing quality issues with their designed, externally manufactured, Top Hat. Practical Business Improvements helped the client to reengineer and standardise design & specifications making it more manufacturable.

Category C Project Execution Improvement

Category C Project Execution Improvement

£1.17M project portfolio efficiency savings

Our client regularly executed brownfield projects on its existing assets. The client wished to improve the performance of the projects to become market leading. Practical Business Improvements team helped the client to achieve the overall efficiency savings for the current project portfolio at the amount of £1.17m and create a Continuous Improvement attitude within Brownfield Projects.

Control of Work

Control of Work

Removal of >40 low value controls, within the CoW process

Our client faced multiple examples of inconsistencies of the Control of Work (COW) application, the actual use of the process was different to the design. Due to the Kaizen Event the team created a roadmap to the standard application of the Control of Work process which is fully understood and when applied drive consistently to all assets.

Work Pack Efficiency Initiative

7000 Hours returned to the business

Our client was responsible for the maintenance and modification of an offshore asset, a work pack had to be created every time any maintenance or engineering work was planned and undertaken. PBI team helped the client to optimise the process and returned 7000 Hrs to the business.

Vendor Management & Invoice Rejection

9500 Hours returned to the business

In 2019 1027 invoices worth £139M were rejected by our client and only 35% of invoices submitted were paid on time by the client. We helped the client to improve the process, which resulted in reduction in rework and delays, increasing efficiency and productivity and improved internal and vendor relationships.

Pressure Safety Valve Management

Cost reduction £1.6m

The client recognized that the existing Pressure Safety Valve (PSV) process is not known to all key stakeholders and, therefore, is not being adhered to, resulting in various problems which could ultimately affect asset safety. 3 day Kaizen Event led to the cross functional awareness & compliance to updated process, 10,000 hours returned back to the business, cost avoidance of £1.6M.

Work Allocation

3000 engineering hours saved

The clients Petroleum Engineers (PE’s) productivity and efficiency was challenged due to the amount of meetings they were required to attend, lack of clarity in accountability for processes, poor quality of offshore information provided, sub optimal tools and processes. Due to the Kaizen event conducted by our team the client managed to save over 3000 engineering hours , return approx. £75K to the business in 1 year, create capacity to execute value adding work in support of business requests.

Mine Shift Change

OPEX reduction $4.7m

Our client operates a number of mines, due to the size of the mine & complexity of equipment shift change is time consuming, this nonproducing shift change duration reduces the ore delivery to ore preparation, affecting the flow of production.The changes made to the process by PBI delivered an annualised bitumen increase of 9,000 tonnes/day generating a revenue increase of $110m.

Survey Elimination

Cost avoidance of £2.25m

Our client spent over £5.4M undertaking offshore surveys prior to work being planned and executed. There was no control of survey execution or survey data, the client was unable to fully utilise the full value of the data. Working with the client PBI team managed to reduce number of offshore surveys by 50% and return 521 days back to the business.

Rotating Equipment

$5M+ reduction in inventory

Our client required to improve the process for exporting and then re-importing rotating equipment. Our team helped identify and implement 25 improvements which helped lower production risks, reduced the lead time of export / re-import from a max of 26 months to a max of 6 months, and avoided penalties which saved $200K per year.

GWO Material Procurement

2 Month Reduction in Rig scheduling time

During a drilling campaign, the drill rig was utilised sub-optimally due to unavailability of the material required for well completions. This impacted the drill rig planned time which affected costs and future schedules. By fully utilising the Demand Planning Tool (DPT) we were able to streamline the process with clear roles and responsibilities, we gained the ability to meet and flex drilling schedules, and we strengthened supply chain access and accountability.

“Practical Business Improvements with Gary as Managing Director has and continues to be a key strategic partner with the Duha Center of Excellence for over 10 years. As partners, Gary and his team are instrumental in the development of new innovative tools, techniques and training strategies in collaboration with our team which continues to add value for more than 140 businesses, serving all industries”

Rod SmithDuha Center of Excellence

“Having worked with PBI over the last year I couldn’t recommend them highly enough, particularly around their honesty, passion and focus around problem solving, leadership coaching and ability to deliver bottom line results., The approach taken by Gary and his team is that of curiosity, drive and commitment to find practical and deliverable business solutions. Another key strength is around the range of tools and techniques PBI can apply which allows a blended approach to problem solving from Lean through to Scrum which is a real enabler”

Brian Chalmers, President of GrowthWood, Aberdeen, UK

“I have worked with PBI, and it’s founders, for over 7 years and find their simple, well thought out approach to practically put in place the tools, habits and focus around CI to be highly effective, measurable, scalable and sustainable. Many years of collective knowledge has been packaged in such a way that it is easily digestible and structured logically when executing.”

Richmond Hulse, CEPRichmond, McCabe & Clark LLC, Buffalo, WY, USA

“I have personally worked with PBI coaches within BP on 3 distinct occasions over the last 7ears, and can personally testify to their effectiveness, professionalism, value delivery, and capability build…PBI are an incredibly experienced company, they bring true professionalism and cohesion among their coaches, they challenge the status quo to really get leadership and teams thinking about how they can work differently, and most importantly they build capability to ensure that the changes are sustainable”

Tony Hodgins, Global CI LeadBP, London, UK

“The thing that really stands out about PBI is the ability of the coaches to focus on and derive value. The key thing is the connection of lean/agile tools to value such that the organisation is steadily amassing cost reductions, time saved, production improvements. From working with many coaches over many change projects, PBI are distinctive in this area”

Peter Miller, Vice President TransformationBP, North Sea, UK

“It is amazing how the coaches at PBI settle within the organisation, roll up their sleeves and join the company in tackling challenges and hurdles at every level of seniority and in any part of the business. Having worked with PBI for a few months now, I am impressed by the pace at which we have identified our areas of improvement, delivered a transformation & digitalisation roadmap and how quickly we have deployed effective communication techniques, unleashing effectiveness and efficiency for a variety of different teams. Speed of execution and discipline have characterised these months, together with a good sense of humour, helping overcoming resistance to change. I could not recommend the team at PBI more highly”

Adele Ara, Head of Global Business OperationsLightsource BP