Team Development

  • PBI facilitates the development of highly effective teams. To date, we have trained and coached over 1000 people globally who are independently sustaining the gains, post PBI support.
  • Teamwork and collaboration is an essential element of performance excellence. PBI supports the development of highly effective teams through training & coaching specific team based Lean & Agile tools and techniques.
  • Our approach upskills teams in remote working, mitigating downsides of physical team separation and even enhancing some aspects of teamwork.
  • Teams function more effectively through improved ways of working, enhanced collaboration, increased visibility of information and closer alignment with business outcomes.

You might be interested in these training resources

  • Daily Huddle

    A Daily Huddle is a short stand-up meeting with a structured agenda to facilitate improved communication, collaboration and coordination. It keeps teams focused, accountable and updated.

  • Campaign Room

    A Campaign Room is a system by which team behaviour is influenced and aligned to key project or department goals. It consists of a 30-minute daily meeting which addresses all key issues and concerns aligned to the goals.