Course overview

This 4 hour session combines elements of training and interactive exercises to provide you the knowledge of how different Lean techniques are used to create flow, how to utilise Kanban to control your work in progress and how to use these techniques within different types of sectors (manufacturing, production, services, creative, knowledge work).

The interactive exercises will provide an experience of: 

  • “Working Smarter not Harder”
  •  One Piece Flow
  •  Use of simple Kanban system
  •  Importance of correct layout
  •  To look at the whole process and avoid sub-optimisation
  •  Identifying and working to Constraints
  •  Importance of rapid reaction when issues arise
  •  Takt Time
  •  Work Balancing
  •  Pull v Push
  •  7 Wastes

The end goal is to leave you with a working knowledge of Kanban and Flow so that you have confidence in trying out in the future.

Technical requirements

This course uses two main communication and collaboration software that require internet connection.  Therefore you will need a device to dial into Google Meet, Zoom or MS Teams video conference (PBI will arrange and send details) and a modern internet browser:

  • Chrome: 51 or above
  • Edge: 43 or above
  • Safari: 9 or above
  • Firefox: 46 or above

Target audience

Individuals and companies who want to create high performance workplaces. The course is widely suited for all work sectors. It is aimed at blue and white collar workers and leaders, who will work directly on improvements themselves or lead teams to affect change.