The Opportunity

Our client identified a lack of coordination among trade leads creating non productive time for each contractor discipline, typical wait time is 1 -2 hours for each discipline, per day.

This inefficiency resulted in 10% of planned work incomplete & having to be carried forward,  38% tool time productivity, overall schedule delay & higher contractor hours & overtime cost, typical overtime related to this is 4-5 hours a week by each discipline member.

Approach Taken

A multi disciplined team, including project controls, was brought together to Value Stream Map how the work scopes were planned & executed, this identified numerous issues & potential opportunities which resulted in the execution of a  Kaizen Event.

A cadence of pull planning meetings were scheduled with foremen from each of the disciplines participating, work scopes, discipline status & progress was visualised in a collaboration campaign room where  daily sessions were held when work scopes were being executed.

Benefits Realised

The improved planning & communication resulted in 5% higher productivity, 50% reduction in work carry over, removal of waiting time, adherence to schedule and reduction in overtime.

However the highest benefits were achieved by utilising the contractors knowledge in the planning & scheduling of scopes, in addition to creating an accurate plan adherence to plan was improved as the contractors owned the plan they created, improved contractor engagement.

The daily sessions drove a team culture improving the relationships between disciplines, contractor and contractors, they created an open & honest working environment where issues were raised & addressed as a team resulting in improving the quality of work & reducing rework.


PBI Success Story – Work Assignment Improvement