The Opportunity

To ensure opportunities for maintaining & increasing production & identify vulnerabilities our client holds annual well reviews, this is where an operator & partners review each well and reservoir on an oilfield.

This was previously undertaken by the petroleum engineer for that segment presenting their findings to partners & other engineering functions, a full day presentation. Engagement was poor and the results limited. Any resulting work was allocated to the petroleum engineer to manage & complete.

Approach Taken

Well review workshop designed, relevant materials printed & visualised in 2 rooms, different wells & reservoirs in each, group split into 2 teams with both teams interactively reviewing & discussing opportunities & vulnerabilities for wells & reservoirs in each room, first half of the day. The opportunities & vulnerabilities were recorded, on post its, affinitised by the whole team, & prioritised. The group then split up into smaller teams & for the afternoon actually worked on the opportunities & vulnerabilities, presenting their outcomes to the whole group at the end of the day. Incomplete work was carried over by the teams to be included in their daily activities, managed by a visualised Kanban.

Benefits Realised

Increased morale of participants who are fully engaged, people now volunteering to attend. Full collaboration from partners, improved partner relationships, their voice is being heard & increased responsibility of partners, they are more engaged.

A robust hopper of interventions spanning all the wells in the fields, extending the life of field & increasing production.


PBI Success Story – Well Review Workshop