Why are we doing it?

Early 2020 was an abrupt awakening for majority of businesses on the need to improve the connectivity between remote teams to get work done effectively.

Practical Business Improvements is always ready to support customers in difficult times and provide assistance for business, this includes applying our experience and knowledge to solve business problems remotely.

What was happening before?

Practical Business Improvements successfully designed and implemented a range of physical Lean and Agile solutions including Huddles, Campaign Rooms, Visual Management and delivered 3-5 day Kaizen events. COVID-19 and lockdown became an obstacle for conducting these activities in a face-to-face environment.

What was done?

Practical Business Improvements team conducted research to identify the most flexible and user-friendly options to maintain effective communication and enhance virtual teams collaboration. After testing different online platforms our team agreed that MURAL was the optimal cloud-based platform to build our virtual services on.

What have we achieved?

Based on over 200 years combined continuous improvement experience and as an official consultant partner of MURAL Practical Business Improvements transferred our range of tools and templates to MURAL. Among them we were:

  • Remote Huddle – Our MURAL Huddle template is used within a team to improve communication and increase efficiency in delivery. The Huddle approach combined with usability of Mural allows geographically dispersed teams to effectively communicate on daily activities, where help is needed and to visibly share opportunities;
  • Virtual Lean Framework – the newest product developed by our team is a virtual transparent workspace used to prioritise, manage and deliver remote teams’ work; the Lean Framework sets the scopes of work that needs to be completed in order to deliver of the most valuable items every 2 weeks against our priority goals.
  • Remote Kaizen Event – thanks to the interactive features of the MURAL platform our team was able to develop all the necessary templates for conducting Remote Kaizen Event. Kaizen Events assemble cross-functional teams into a focused, 3-5 day dedicated event to identify then reduce waste and attain sustained results.

Our team uses MURAL based templates alongside our own designed frameworks for delivering  interactive and engaging virtual training on these subjects:

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