The Opportunity

Our client required to update the living accommodation & facilities on their offshore asset to accommodate an increase in headcount for operational activities.

A baseline schedule had been created which indicated 132 days to complete the refurbishment however this extended the completion date to beyond the client need date & did not include any contingency or float.

Approach Taken

To address the schedule  a cross functional team, engineering, offshore personnel & contractors, engaged in the refurbishment, were pulled together to undertake a Pull Planning Kaizen ( 3-5 day event).

During the Kaizen the team identified risks, schedule & execution, defining & actioning mitigations. They defined an accurate and achievable schedule with contingency which also considered crew change days & allowed  time for general electrical & isolations works, both of which had been missed in the original baseline schedule.

The team created a project action plan for managing execution, including movement of tools & materials, defined from asset surveys, they also defined project progress control mechanisms to accurately track progress.

The team addressed the various constraints which included the requirement to continue operating  whilst the refurbishment was being undertaken.

Benefits Realised

Construction works duration was reduced to 101 days, 25% improvement & completion before the client need date. 4 weeks less of refurbishment resources on board, less l pressure on platform operational personnel & 4 weeks less energy usage than originally planned.

The execution team took full ownership of the refurbishment schedule as they defined the schedule & action plan.

Safety was increased & risks mitigated,  through the planned movement of tools & materials.

The asset continued to produce throughout the refurbishment maintaining production quotas.


PBI Success Story – Rig Accommodation Refurbishment Pull Planning