The Opportunity

The client owned $270M worth of haul trucks, 32 trucks, operating in two mines, the trucks were run 24 hours per day across two 12 hour shifts, with a 20 min rest break every 4 hours for the drivers. The rest breaks were taken in laybys where the drivers remained in the truck restricting socialisation & physical movement. 

Each truck generates $50k per hour, each day 2 hours per truck were lost, this resulted in a lost production opportunity in excess of $6M per day

An opportunity was identified by the haulage team to increase truck operating efficiency without compromising operator safety & to potentially enhance the work environment for the drivers.

Approach Taken

A cross functional team, consisting of mine production, projects & drivers, were introduced to & coached through DMAIC methodology, (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve & Control) applied for the execution of the improvement project. 

Measure & Analyse – demonstrated the 20% time waste was primarily the result of shift change & rest handovers, 

Improve – a  rest facility was built with a safe pitstop in the centre of each mine, each fully functional facility contains access to fresh food, gym, television & toilets. The truck is driven to the pitstop, current driver hands over to rested driver this takes less than 2mins,  the driver takes 20 mins break in new facility, then back out to pitstop to take over another truck for the next 4 hours.

Control – process & responsibilities defined for handovers to ensure a safe environment, controlled rota in place, KPI’s established to measure performance. 

Benefits Realised

The rest facilities were built with minimal costs as client used his own tools, equipment and labour, initial cost projection was $10M, delivered for $1.1M.

Lost time was reduced from 2 hours per 24 hours to 12 mins per 24 hours per truck, increased daily production of >$6M per day.

Increased truck utilisation.

Morale, health & wellbeing of drivers improved due to them having time out with the truck to exercise & socialise.


PBI Success Story – Pit Stop – Haul Truck Utilisation Project